The 5th Association of Research Administrators in Africa (ARAA) Annual General Conference will take place in Kampala, Uganda from 2nd to 4th December, 2014.

The purpose of the ARAA is to serve as a professional forum for Research Administrators in Africa for discussions, trainings, analysis, and benchmarking best practices as well as providing solutions to global health research and development challenges. The idea of the ARAA is based on the need for Research Administrators in Africa to organize themselves, share experiences and accumulated knowledge in dealing with the research and administrative challenges. African issues are best and most cost-effectively tackled with solutions from Africa. The development of cost effective, inclusive, and viable initiatives like the ARAA hub will play a significant role in fostering a sustainable research environment in Africa.


“Increasing Research Capacity at institutions – Lessons that have worked”


  • An annual Meeting for Research Administrators globally to retreat, reflect as well as share opportunities and good practices to improve research
  • Capacity building to gain more skills and knowledge in research aspects of Grants Writing and Management, Research administration, IP, Ethical and Regulatory issues
  • A forum for networking and development of partnerships among individuals and institutions involved in research


Heads of Research Institutions, Principal Investigators, Research Staff, Regulatory and Research Compliance Staffs, Grants and Contracts Staff, Research Administrators, Research Coordinators, Program Manager, Research Integrity Officer, Financial Administrator, Manager of Sponsored Programs, Senior Licensing Staff, Research Development Officers, IRB Managers and Administrators, Export Controls Staffs, Technology Transfer Officers, Award Management and Finance Officers, Accountants, Logistics Officers and Fleet Managers, Research and Personal Assistants, Human Resource Officers and Office Administrators

For more details and Registration form, Visit the ARAA Website