Asthma reliever use in Africa

Speakers: Dr Clifford Smith (South Africa); Dr Jeremiah Chakaya (Kenya) and Dr Sandra Kwarteng Owusu (Ghana) Chair: Prof Eric Bateman (South Africa)

PATS and AstraZeneca invites you to join the Joint webinar, topic "Asthma reliever use in Africa" on Thursday, 30 November 2023.

This webinar will address key issues related to asthma management in Africa with a focus on reliever use.

Educational aims

Dr. Clifford Smith; Why the current levels of uncontrolled asthma exist in South Africa, the level of overreliance and how this contributes (SABINA SA), and steps to take to eradicate overreliance on SABA and improve asthma care

Dr. Jeremiah Chakaya; How bad is this problem of uncontrolled asthma in Kenya? (SABINA Kenya), What is the role of the general physician and pharmacist in optimal treatment of asthma, and What are the practical steps to eradicate this problem?

Dr. Sandra Kwarteng-Owusu; To show the level of asthma control in the paediatric population across Africa, the importance of the reliever, and the importance of controlling asthma as early as possible

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Target audience

General practitioners, pulmonologist, pulmonology fellows, paediatric pulmonology fellows, paediatric pulmonologist, research nurses and respiratory therapists.


3 lectures 20 minutes per speaker and 20 minutes for Q& A session 

Date and Time

Thursday, 30 November 2023. 18:00 PM CET/CAT