PATS and ERS Paediatric webinar: Air pollution and the lung in children

Chairs: Rajen Naidoo (PATS) and Isme de Kleer (ERS). Speakers: Rebecca Nantanda (Uganda) and Jakob Usemann (Switzerland)

The PATS and ERS paediatric webinar series continues, with a Air pollution and the lung in children: the evidence for exposure and prevention measures webinar on 13 July 2021. 

Air pollution is increasingly recognized as a global health emergency affecting both high and low-to-middle income countries. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of children in Africa live in homes with unclean sources of energy. It is estimated that an average European’s life expectancy is reduced by one year as a result of air pollution. Air pollution has detrimental effects on lung health across the lifespan from in utero to childhood and adolescence. Increased respiratory tract infection, recurrent cough, asthma exacerbations have been associated with increased pollution.

There are a number of studies that have assessed the impact of prevention measures which include personal and larger scale policy measures to reduce pollution levels. The benefit of personal measures like behavioural interventions, pharmacological interventions, masks amongst others more so in individuals with pre-existing lung disease will be reviewed.

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Educational aims

The audience will gain updated knowledge on:

  • What is the evidence for exposures to air pollution in different settings.
  • What are the policy implications that have reduced pollution levels and improved outcomes?
  • What personal measures are there that can be implemented to reduce air pollution and improve outcomes in children and adolescents.


The current evidence of impact of exposure to air pollution in lung health, what prevention measures can be taken to improve outcomes.

Target audience

Paediatricians, paediatric pulmonologists, fellows, respiratory physicians, physical therapists, nurses, public health specialists.


In this webinar 2 speakers from ERS and PATS will discuss the evidence of impact of air pollution exposure on lung health and the prevention measures that can improve outcomes in different parts of the world. The webinar will be interactive by including voting questions in the presentations and by promoting an active Q & A session.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 13 July 2021. 18:00 PM CAT/CET

Learning outcomes

Following this webinar, participants will be able to know the latest in the status of air pollution in Africa and Europe as well as the impact of pollution on lung health in these settings. The latest evidence on prevention measures to address air pollution in both these settings and their impact will be addressed.