PATS and ERS Paediatric webinar: Pulmonary function testing in children

Chairs: Alexander Moller (Switzerland), Refiloe Masekela (South Africa). Speakers: Sanja Stanojevic (Canada) and Diane Gray (South Africa)

The PATS and ERS paediatric webinar series continues this year, with a Pulmonary function testing in children webinar on 12 April 2022. 

Pulmonary function testing in children is challenging and spirometry is not universally available. The use of ethnic-based spirometry reference equations and their applicability in poorly researched populations has been recently challenged in many publications. This webinar will address some of the limitations and recent work by the Global Lung Initiative to attempt to address this pressing need and to provide guidance to clinicians on how best to address this.  

Educational aims

The audience will gain updated knowledge on:

  • Challenges in spirometry in children
  • Use of ethnic based reference equations and their applicability
  • The current evidence basis for ethnic based reference equation.

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Spirometry in children, challenges with spirometry in under resourced populations and ethnic based reference equations and their applicability for use globally.

Target audience

Paediatricians, paediatric pulmonologists, fellows, respiratory physicians, physical therapists, nurses, general practitioners.


In this webinar 2 speakers from ERS and PATS will discuss spirometry in children, its limitations, its use in poorly researched populations and appropriate use of reference equations. The webinar will be interactive by including voting questions in the presentations and by promoting an active Q & A session.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 12 April 2022. 18:00 PM CAT/CET

Learning Outcomes

Following this webinar, participants will be able to know the latest in spirometry in children and the current challenges with use of ethnic based reference equations.

An application will be made for CPD accreditation of the webinar.