PATS Lung Health Initiative events 2022

World Lung Day is marked on 25 September each year to raise awareness and advocate for improved care for respiratory diseases globally. PATS, alongside other members of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS), encourages hosting local advocacy events on this day. In this regard, PATS runs the program, PATS Lung health Initiative (PALI), to raise awareness and advocate for improved lung health in Africa. PALI is an annual award designed to support World Lung Day advocacy programs that promote lung health in Africa.

PATS members can apply for PALI funding to conduct programs that promote lung health in their locality. Programs can range from education of healthcare workers and the general population, free lung function testing, free respiratory health services, stakeholder engagement, and fund raising for lung health.

PALI events 2022

This year the following 10 events will be hosted.

Finding Missing and Missed tuberculosis cases through active case finding in the community - Ile Ife communities, Osun State, Nigeria

Pre-screening awareness, education and sensitization will be done in collaboration with Local TB Control program involving TB officers within the communities. Free tuberculosis screening and case finding will take place in selected communities. All positive persons and those requiring smoking cessation assistance will be linked with the nearest healthcare facility for continued management and treatment.

Exercise the underutilised drug in post Tuberculosis sequela healing -  Otjomuise Constituency in Windhoek, Namibia

To raise awareness on post TB disabilities among the patients, community health workers and physiotherapy students, and emphasize benefits of exercise as a key intervention. To perform free respiratory function measurements including assessment of the pulmonary function, dyspnea assessment, physical function measure and quality of life assessment.

Exercise Intervention in Promotion of Respiratory Health Among Artisan - Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

A football competition will be organized among associations of artisans (auto mechanics, commercial drivers, vulcanizers, petrol attendants, tailors, sawmill workers, bricklayers, painters, and commercial motor bike riders) in Ile Ife. Participants will enjoy free lung function test and the participant's fitness level and respiratory functions shall be measured. 

TB screening at Kiambu prisons and prison staff sensitization on TB active case finding (ACF) - Kiambu town, Kenya

TB screening will be carried out among prisoners and prison staff. All presumptive TB cases will be evaluated and the results relayed back. The prison staff will be sensitized on active case finding by the TB coordinator and an action plan developed. Through this intervention, it is envisioned that active case finding will be incorporated into the daily clinical routine of the Kiambu Prison with close support and follow up by the Kiambu county TB coordinator.

Improving diagnosis of paediatric tuberculosis - Harare, Zimbabwe

Host a one-day training event on TB diagnostics in children and sputum induction to bridge the knowledge and skill gap and improve TB diagnostics in the paediatric population. Training to be provided to health care providers from the 7 major public hospitals in Zimbabwe.

Raising awareness in informal workers on occupational lung diseases - Lusaka, Zambia

Provide educational awareness on occupational lung diseases, free spirometry and symptom screen, referral to health centres for patients with concerning symptoms or lung function tests and distribution of safety masks to informal workers at Kalingalinga compound, a high-density environment in Lusaka. This should hopefully lead to appropriate health practices to prevent occupational lung disease and serve as a stepping-stone towards increased nationwide awareness and prevention efforts.

Post Tuberculosis Lung Disease Awareness Among Healthcare Workers - Lagos, Nigeria

Host a one-day workshop to educate healthcare workers from the Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) centres within Lagos Metropolis. The target audience will include nurses and health assistants who usually take treatment decision for patients at these centres, with the aim of training between 30-35 healthcare workers. The training will lead to increased recognition of post TB lung disease and establish a clear referral pathway for these patients for treatment.

Training of school health Coordinators and Teachers to identify children and adolescents with asthma, remove stigma and improve asthma care in school - Kumasi, Ghana

Host one-day training of school health coordinators and teachers to identify signs and symptoms of asthma in children and adolescents, correctly use devices such as inhalers, spacers and peak flow meters, and provide basic emergency care for children who develop asthma exacerbation in school. Training will also address stigma, myths and barriers to asthma care in schools. The target group of teachers and health coordinators would be from junior high school-upper basic school.

Promoting Physical Health of Post-Tuberculosis Adults - Kano, Nigeria

The one-day program will comprise a health talk (impact of TB on lung health, preventive health, nutrition/diet advice, air quality, sanitation, hygiene, exercise and physical activity, smoking cessation etc), basic screening (body mass index, blood pressure, spirometry, adiposity), physical fitness measurement (hand grip, step climb etc.), and question and answer sessions. 

Low-cost pulmonary rehabilitation to improve respiratory function of people on Tuberculosis treatment - Blantyre, Malawi

Deliver a one-day pulmonary rehabilitation training using locally sourced materials to patients receiving TB treatment and health care workers in Blantyre. Participants will be educated about their respiratory condition, guided through 10-minute warm up exercise program of dynamic stretching exercises, breathing exercises, resistance training and aerobic exercises (with training on how to exercise at home). Physiotherapists will also be trained on how to conduct the exercises so that they can start to enrol more participants. Sections of the training will be aired on radio to raise awareness on post-TB lung disease.