World Pneumonia Day 2022

World Pneumonia Day on 12th Nov calls attention to the unacceptable and huge burden of pneumonia, much of which is preventable.

Pneumonia remains the major killer of children in Africa outside the neonatal period, and has been a cause of much mortality in adults through the COVID pandemic. There are 15 high burden countries for childhood pneumonia mortality, most of which are in Africa. And pneumonia may lead to chronic respiratory disease setting a developmental trajectory for impaired lung health through life.

The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) of which PATS is a member, calls on governments and other stakeholders to take urgent action to tackle pneumonia - focusing on those who are at greatest risk of severe illness. Better access to effective immunizations, good nutrition, clean air and access to life saving preventive and management strategies for all must be strengthened to end the preventable burden of pneumonia and reduce global health disparities. This is especially urgent following COVID, during which immunization rates have fallen and where health programs in Africa have been especially strained.

Read the FIRS statement here.