Spirometry course Cape Town South Africa

The Pan African Thoracic Society (PATS) held a one-day paediatric spirometry workshop at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Rondebosch Cape Town on Saturday 7th March in the Paediatrics Department. 

The 22 interested participants were of different medical back grounds, mainly from the hospital sector, and made up a cosmopolitan group from 5 different countries and several locations around South Africa. Each person had a different amount of experience in spirometry – some qualified technologists with lots of hands on experience and some had never seen a test before.

A happy day was had by all as we came together to learn about spirometry in general with an emphasis on spirometry in children. We spent the morning becoming more knowledgeable about the theory behind spirometry and the afternoon in practical sessions where everyone was given the chance to learn the techniques of linearity calibration as well as conduct a test and then have a test conducted on themselves. We made sure that everyone felt comfortable by the end of the day to report on the validity of a linearity check as well as check the validity then interpret and report on a spirogram.

For some this was a crash course and for others a great refresher and a well spent Saturday of self-improvement for all of us. Something special to remember about this day was celebrating our colleague Kareshma’s birthday at the training – what commitment Kareshma!

Special thanks to Di and Nqobile for all your hard working in preparing for and working with me to make this another successful PATS spirometry training initiative.

Looking forward to next time!