Dr Shannon Simpson


Co-head of the Children’s Lung Health team at the Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, Australia.

Dr Simpson was awarded her PhD in December 2010 by the University of Tasmania. Her PhD, which looked at the developing respiratory system in a pre-clinical model of preterm birth, received a number of awards including the prestigious American Physiological Society Scholander Prize for meritorious work by a young investigator. After completing her PhD, Dr Simpson commenced a postdoctoral position at the Telethon Kids Institute, developing skills in clinical respiratory physiology while undertaking research in infants and children with cystic fibrosis, asthma and those surviving very preterm birth. Dr Simpson was awarded an Australian National Health & Medical Research Council Peter Doherty Fellowship (2014-17) to further her work with infants and children born very preterm. She is developing a strong international reputation as a leader in the area of long term pulmonary outcomes following preterm birth and has obtained > $2.8 million (AUD) in research funding to support this research. 

She leads a multi-faceted research programme with three broad aims: 

  1. To understand the impact of preterm birth on lung health over the life course and to determine factors predicting poorer outcomes. 
  2. To conduct interventions that will improve lung health after preterm birth. 
  3. To explore the mechanisms underpinning lung disease as a result of preterm birth. Ultimately, she aims to reduce the burden of lung disease in survivors of preterm birth.
Dr Shannon Simpson