Social Sciences Lung Health WG

As the Social Science Group, we recognise that lung health:

  • Is about wellbeing not just the absence of disease or infirmity
  • Is about respect, freedom from discrimination, safety, and hazards
  • Requires a holistic definition and analysis, exploring the interplay of intersecting inequalities and the broader social and structural inequities
  • Recognises people live in societies and cultures which make meaning of lung health  

The Social Sciences Working Group within PATS will:

 Promote research evidence and conceptual development:

  • Produce evidence to advocate for improvement of lung health using a range of innovative and robust social science research methods and perspectives
  • Influence the development of gendered life course approaches to lung health

 Support the development of strategic partnerships:

  • Contribute towards the development and implementation of a multi-sectoral approach to lung health by facilitating strategic partnerships between PATS and actors, organisation, and networks such as indigenous knowledge groups, healers, universities, etc
  • Support the creation of strategic partnerships with communities along the health seeking pathways to reduce suffering through early interventions

  Enable action for change:

  • Identify evidence-based competencies for addressing lung health in its holistic sense and design a hybrid training programme for health workers and other strategic partners within the pluralistic health seeking pathways (e.g., religious leaders) to contribute towards more inclusive and strengthened health systems, improving health outcomes for communities, and breaking the cycle of lung health neglect in LMIC
  • Support the development of contextual guidelines that take account of the social environment