The aims of the programme were to educate the artisans in Ile-Ife on the healthy respiratory system and function, assess their fitness level as well as assessed their lung function.

The meeting days of each group of artisans were identified and the team visited them during their weekly meeting so as to get enough participants at a visit.

At each meeting day, lecture was delivered to the attendees on how to prevent respiratory disease. They were advised to stop smoking and to refrain from using tobacco; they should refrain from using firewood for cooking. They were also encouraged to be using nose masks when dealing with particles. They were also told to engage in physical exercise to promote their cardiorespiratory fitness.

Their lung function, blood pressure were assessed using standard protocols. For using function portable spirometer was used and three trials were allowed while the highest score was recorded. Disposable mouth piece was used and inner part of the spirometer was constantly cleaned with methylated spirit.

Blood pressure was measured using electronic sphygmomanometer. Fitness level was assesse using step bench of 12 inches high. A metrone was set at 96/min. Participants was asked to step on the bench for a minimum of three minutes. After a minute rest, the post heart rate was assessed. The fitness level was assessed using standard chat according to the age of the participants.

A football competition was organized among the artisans comprising (Auto Mechanic, commercial drivers, vulcanizers, tailors, carpenters, drivers, painters, and plumbers). At the end of preliminary state, only the plumbers and tailor teams qualified for the finals. The final was scheduled for the 25th of September, 2022 to coincide with world lung day.

The final match attracted audience and some dignitaries. The occasion was used to lecture the public on the importance of respiratory health. All the information that has been given to the artisans in their meetings was repeated to the large audience.

At the normal duration of the match, the score line was 1 vs 1 between the two teams. F=After the penalty shootout Plumber team beat the Tairlors team by 3 goals to 2. Trophy was presented to the winner.

By Rufus A. Adedoyin (2022)

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