PATS Women's leadership Program

PATS is excited to announce the Women’s Leadership Program, an initiative aimed at guiding African women in the thoracic field. Those who have successfully completed PATS-MECOR research training through all three levels are eligible to participate/apply.

The program aims to address the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles within the field of lung health. This will be achieved by providing targeted coaching, mentorship and support. The program seeks to empower women to overcome barriers, cultivate leadership skills and advance their careers with confidence and resilience. Equipping them with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in their professional endeavours.

The Women’s Leadership program will be held in Kenya, October 14th – 17th 2024. Venue to be confirmed.

The program is fully covered by PATS including flights, airport transfers in Kenya and full board accommodation.

This year there are only 5 places available. These places will be awarded on a competitive basis, so thoughtfulness and completeness of responses play a critical role in the outcome of each application.

Successful applicants will be organized into cohorts and undergo a year-long coaching program that blends in-person and offsite/online training.

Applications are opened! You have to become a PATS Member to access the Application Form

The closing date for application is 03 June 2024 at midnight.