NAEP Asthma Training

The National Asthma Education Programme (NAEP), an NPO specialising in asthma education, provides a 6-month distance learning course for medical professionals, which PATS endorses.

The 6-month distance learning course begins in mid-March each year.  NAEP provides students with their course manual and dvd, and students are required to submit assignments, and participate in a revision day and exam day at a later stage.  The course is accredited through UCT (30CPD points), and covers the following:

Module 1: Asthma Basics

Module 2: Diagnosis of asthma

Module 3: Special investigations in the diagnosis of asthma

Module 4: Management of asthma

Module 5: Drugs and delivery systems

Module 6: Special situations (Occupational asthma, asthma in the elderly and in pregnancy, asthma in sports and exercise)

Module 7: Asthma education and setting up an asthma clinic.

The 2019 course is already underway.  To be informed about the 2020 course and registration, and to access various asthma resources visit the NAEP website