PATS Lung Health Initiative

World Lung Day is marked on 25 September each year to raise awareness and advocate for improved care for respiratory diseases globally. PATS, alongside other members of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS), encourages hosting local advocacy events on this day. 

In 2022, PATS successfully launched the PATS Lung health Initiative (PALI) to raise awareness and advocate for improved lung health in Africa. PALI is an annual award designed to support World Lung Day advocacy programs that promote lung health in Africa.

PATS members can apply for PALI funding to conduct programs that promote lung health in their locality. Programs can range from education of healthcare workers and the general population, free lung function testing, free respiratory health services, stakeholder engagement, and fund raising for lung health (Note: this is not research funding, however, limited data collection can be done while delivering service).

Each year a specified number of applications of $1,500 each will be awarded. Selection for funding will be based on potential impact of the proposed activity in that year’s priority area.  Awardees will be expected to hold the event on 25 September and share photos and/or clips of the event on social media (tagging PATS, respiratory societies and stakeholders). Within two weeks of the event a written report with pictures must be submitted to PATS to be posted on the website. See previous events here.

Applications for 2024 will open soon.